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NLP Strategies for Recruitment, Colorful Cultures


When dealing with a normal candidate, the recruiter’s goal is to build rapport to determine a genuine behavior. When dealing with a difficult one, the goal is to manage risks of losing the candidate. On top of this, the shortage of the candidate’s pipeline is a market reality. What to do for having an effective recruitment process, when you do not afford errors?

Let start from this quote: “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” –; Carl Jung

The NLP Strategies for Recruitment; Meta-programs is your next effectiveness level. It starts from NLP meta-programs, which are basically how people form their internal representations and direct their behavior.

Meta Programs are mental processes which manage, guide and direct other mental processes. In other words, they are processes about or at a higher level than (meta to) the mental processes they affect. You could compare them to a switchboard that controls which two telephones will be connected to each other for the process of having a conversation, or a thermostat which controls whether your air conditioning system is turned on or off. These are both metaphors for one system that controls another system.

NLP uses a contemporary metaphor taken from computer science to describe the action of one process upon another -- programs. It is often the case in computer programming that one program controls the execution of a number of other programs, selecting which ones will run at which times, and sending them information they'll need in order to function properly.

In this program you will be guided by one of the most experienced NLP trainers in the market: Ramona Gherasim. Iulian Ionita will introduce the processual recruitment stages that completes the NLP skills - Projective Interview in this case - and link with the market challenges you have.


  • Sensory representation systems
  • Meta-programs
  • Projective Interview Technique
  • Examples and Role-Plays

Online- 15 November 2023

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