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Customer and Brand Strategy


The Challenge.

 Meeting the expectations of today's technologically empowered customers towards brands and products is more difficult than ever. Identifying & meeting their needs, and having them engaged & become loyal to our brands is even harder. That is in a world where attention spans are short and our target audiences move fast, whether it is through your websites or scrolling down social feeds.


What our clients tell!

Your Customers

Become customer obsessed & understand their journey in an omnichannel ecosystem and having a culture of change, can help you make the communication with your customer meaningful, cost-efficient and conversion led.

Your Approach

See a fresh, disruptive and efficient approach to today’s customer journey & learn how to make the best use of data and technology to optimise the interactions you have with your customers.

Your Action Plan

Learn a new approach on how to collaborate with your advertising agencies, understand how to implement and measure an omnichannel customer experience & get an actionable plan to improve your customer interactions.

Incredible Stories

We will teach you in this one-day workshop is a step-by-step process to craft a good story for your brand that really connects with your potential customers, bringing you great results.

Smart Budgeting

We will also show you how to plan and produce your content in a way that your budget is maximised and you can distribute it across many different digital and social media platforms in an effective way. We call this bite-size content strategy.

Great Content

You can just invest in one day of video production and end up with hundreds of pieces of content, from video, to photography, to podcasts and so on. One day of production can give you 3 to 6 months worth of great content.


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Customer Centric Digital & Business Strategy

 We’ve been doing marketing for decades, trying to raise awareness for our brands, to sell products that we are sure people will like and, let’s admit it, with an obsession to be different from our competitors. But the balance of power has changed, and is more than ever in the hands of our customers.

Why should they choose our products? Why should they be loyal and act as advocates to our brands when they have so much choice?

If you want to find the answers, this workshop is made for you..

Led by
Eric Renards


Master Brand Storytelling in Social Media

Storytelling is the future of marketing, as a tool that helps us stand out in a world where attention spans are short and our target audiences move fast, scrolling down social feeds.

Learn to unlock stories that will connect with your audience, in an effective and seamless way, with inspirational examples and a step-by-step methodology developed by Pilar Barrio.

Led by
Pilar Barrio


Learning Experience!

Great Content
Active Learning
Action Plan
Smart Budgeting
Incredible Stories
Fun Learning


As our main vision is to facilitate access to better learning opportunities for everyone, for each purchased ticket we will donate 10 euro to EDUCARE:, an NGO that works to integrate in schools children with disabilities!

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