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CORPSTRAT CONSULTING - Globalizing Optimal Performance

Regardless of size, geography, or industry, every organization makes significant investments in its talent. Success requires visionary leaders, exceptional talent at all levels, and the right strategies to keep that talent current, motivated, and focused. Most importantly fostering a winning culture needs people with the right competencies.

With Corpstrat Consulting, you have access to a full range of world-class competency-based products, solutions, and intellectual property that can strengthen your selection, performance, development, succession, diversity, and inclusion efforts, including:

  • Assessments and Development Centres using MBTI, FiRO B and simulation-based assessments.
  • International Certifications from OPP UK, ILM, ITOL, LPI
  • Organizational Learning programs and products including instructor-led, self-paced, and blended learning.
  • Talent Management Solutions for selection, performance management, and succession that ensure that the right leaders with the right skills are in the right positions at the right time.
  • Executive and High Performance Coaching
  • Target development better with increased insight at all levels of your organization.
  • Engage users and increase productivity and performance.
  • Identify and develop your talent more effectively.
  • Improve hiring accuracy.
  • Increase alignment across all levels and all aspects of your talent strategy.