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Agile and Design Thinking, Interact


Why Design thinking?


Design thinking workshop will provide you with the tools you need to uncover creative opportunities and understand this methodology as a problem-solving approach.

Design thinking methodology consists of two major parts: the problem and the solution space. While we focus on creating and testing new ideas, we make sure we devote more than half of the time working on the actual problem to understand the hidden needs.

In the Problem space, the team will work towards a common understanding of the problem/challenge that they will solve, empathize with the client and the way your clients feel about it in order to know what they need and what solutions fit them. The secret is also known as “The voice of the customer”.

In the second part, the Solution space, the team will do some serious brainstorming following many techniques, will build quick and easy prototypes in order to test them, will continuously improve and improvise and all these at almost zero cost. This is the so called fail fast, fail cheap approach! On top of that we will be using cool digital tools to work together that we are sure you are going to like.


Why Agile?


Because you will need to implement the great ideas resulting from Design Thinking…and Agile is the new Project management set up, very useful in visualization of steps, workload and outcomes.

This course will focus on presenting Agile methodologies to either experienced people in managing projects or newcomers in the area of Agile mentality.

Despite Agile originating from the IT industry it can be applied and deliver benefits across all functions and industries as it can revolutionize the way everyday work is done and delivered.

Design thinking is not only for designers but also for creative employees, freelancers and business leaders.

It’s for anyone who seeks to infuse an approach to innovation that is powerful, effective and broadly accessible, one that can be integrated into every level of an organization, product or service to drive new alternatives for businesses and society.


This course is focusing on people leading or participating in agile projects or agile teams as well as people interested to hear about Agile for the first time and investigate the benefits Agile can bring.


The agile principles can be used in everyday work and can be combined with more classic PM methodology providing even more benefits to Project Managers, project members, managers and organizations.


The workshop will be delivered in English by an international certified trainer.

Some activities will be done offline (e.g. client interviews, preparation, task assignments etc.)



Workshop 1 - 15.06: Design Thinking

Intro & Warm up

Design Thinking Theory

  • Method & Tools
  • Examples

The need of Design Thinking

Understand on Idea Flip

Workshop 2 - 17.06: Design Thinking

Design Thinking Theory


Real work

Empathize with the challenge within the team

Present real Challenge


Prepare for the interviews

Workshop 3 - 19.06: Design Thinking

Design Thinking Theory


Real work

The voice of the customer

Storytelling & Debrief


Real work

Reframe the challenge

Actionable items

How might we?

Workshop 4 - 22.06: Design Thinking

Design Thinking Theory


Real work

Brainstorming, Heaven and Hell, Superhero, Reverse Ideation


Real work

Create a tangible prototype

Workshop 5 - 25.06: Agile

Agile Basics

  • Why or who needs Agile?
  • Shortcomings of traditional Project Management
  • Agile Manifesto & Principle of Agile

Basic Agile methodologies

  • Scrum, Kan Ban
  • Minimum Viable Product

Agile vs. Classical Project Management, is there a winner?

The benefits from applying Agile management

Advanced Agile Concepts

Agile Organizational Setup, Agile Tools


Where: Zoom, 5 sessions / 3 hours each, from 14:00 - 17:00


Investment /participant:

  • 1-3 participant from the same company - 675€ +VAT /participant
  • 4-6 participants from the same company - 650€ +VAT /participant


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