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Agile Mammoths Games, Cluj-Napoca

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Join us for a great Agile PM event, designed for all those passionate by making work more fun.

Focusing on ”experiential learning” with elements of ”playful design” our event offers you a unique journey where participants will learn by accomplishing "missions", solving "mysteries", and deciphering "secrets".


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: SANDER HOOGENDOORN, How to survive complex and chaotic contexts.  Collectives and teams beyond traditional Agile and Scrum.


Due to the globalization of product and software development, and the ever-increasing technological possibilities, any market can be disrupted at any time by anyone anywhere. During this energetic and inspiring talk, speaker Sander Hoogendoorn will explain how is this reflected in the way projects and teams operate. As a result, in Sander's vision, teams will be even smaller than in typical agile, and much more fluent. His talk illustrates how organizations and teams can transition to focus on delivering value using the ever-evolving and self-organizing power of microteams and, leveraging several well-known patterns such as Cynefin,  portfolio boards, bounded contexts, and backlogs, autonomy, and fewer rules.

Sander Hoogendoorn, Independent software craftsman | New agile coach | Mentor | Speaker | Writer

Sander changes organizations and teams and coaches them to optimize their processes, practices, architecture, code and tests, currently as Chief Architect at Quby, previously chief technology officer at ANVA and CTO for a well-known Dutch insurance company and as global agile thought leader at Capgemini.


Agile Workshop #1 To Scale or Not to Scale - Challenges in an Agile world

Agile Workshop #2 The right priorities. A key to maximize value delivered by teams.

Agile Workshop #3 Experience Sharing

Agile Coaching Session

BoardGame #1 SCRUM Card Game

BoardGame #2 Before Mars by Brainiup


Early Bird: 100 Euro + TVA, până pe 12 Februarie

Standard: 120 Euro + TVA



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