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Business Constellations Training

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Start learning the skills of facilitating action based group activities for organizations!

Your existence is not independent of others. We are born in families, we are educated in schools, we enjoy our time in groups of friends, we work in organizations. Our evolution doesn't happen in blankness, but in systems. 

The same goes for organizations, teams, and employees. 
Problems in organizations often find their root cause in disruptions in the larger system.

Constellations give you an insight in organizations and teams that reveals in a very short time the true causes of complex problems and repeating patterns.

This 5 full training days is for: 




#Business Coaches


- > want to learn how to facilitate the powerful method of business constellations
-> want to tackle the root cause of complex problems
-> work with groups or one-on-one
-> who are ready for the next step in their career or practice
-> who understand soul is part of the business
->who believe in the collective power of of individuals

Martijn Meima, an experienced trainer from the Netherlands, will skillfully lead the training, combining intuition with down to earth business knowledge. His training sessions are always full of energy, joy, depth and powerful silence.

The small group format of the training (maximum 12 participants) encourages an open and friendly atmosphere, in which we can learn while feeling safe and seen. The method combines theory and practice and is learned by doing, so expect to participate in real business constellations.

At the end of these 5 days of training, you will have learned how to facilitate basic business constellations - a powerful tool integrating business with psychology and and a holistic approach to life.

You will be encouraged to find your own style and actively use it in your practice of working with people and organizations.

Your contribution is € 1400 (Excluding VAT)
or € 1.750 if an organization is supporting the cost.
It includes: participation fee, food and drinks during the training, after training support.

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