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The Creative Negotiator


This highly practical course involves plenty of face to face negotiating. It is designed to allow your team to focus on each phase of the negotiation to gain a proper understanding of the process; explore, experiment and test ideas. We use a mix of video recorded sessions, discussions, exercises and lectures. It is fast moving and highly enjoyable. Many delegates find that they secure significant financial gains and quicker deals almost immediately. Each Topic is covered starting with an interactive lecture followed by a negotiating case. Each case involves team selection; preparation; negotiation. Followed by detailed review. During each review insights are provided into the strategies and tactics that can be tried as the workshop develops. How and When to use particular gambits.

The Priorities and Benefits for the Creative Negotiator

Managing the Process

  • Hands on practise managing the complete process
  • Learning how to move around the process with control and confidence
  • How to win back control and maintain it
  • Discover the benefits of Pacing yourself and the process.
  • Know how to slow down, deadlock, move forward, accelerate.

Build Negotiating Confidence

  • To be Assertive & Strong
  • Know which Step you are in; Recognise where you should be
  • Navigate the process with cool calm certainty.

Learn How to Handle Difficult Situations

  • Conflict
  • Deadlock
  • Inflexibility
  • Aggression
  • Unreasonable Demands

Gain a deeper understanding of the Other Side

  • Questioning - Clarifying - Body Language
  • Use of Hypotheticals
  • Probing & Developing Signals
  • Building a negotiator’s picture


  • Creativity and flexibility under Pressure. Be ready for anything;
  • Think clearly under stress; Always have options.
  • A range of effective strategies, tactics and gambits
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