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[Online] Delivering Difficult Information, Colorful Cultures


If you ask any ten leaders what's the hardest part of their job, I'll bet that 9 of them will say some version of "giving bad news."


From firing people to having serious performance conversations, from letting employees know the company's not doing well to explaining a screw-up to the press, these are the times that try men's (and women's) souls, situations that make most leaders want to go home and pull the covers up over their heads.

Yet navigating these situations well is a defining characteristic of truly followable and inspiring leaders. When a leader is straightforward in saying the toughest stuff, people assume (rightly) that he or she wil be courageous in all kinds of essential ways: making difficult decisions; taking responsibility for them; apologizing for mistakes. In other words, delivering bad news well demonstrates personal courage: it shows that you will do things that are personally uncomfortable or difficult for the good of the enterprise.

Delivering bad news is tough. No matter if the recipient is your best friend at work, your manager or the client. It’s even harder when you don’t agree with the message or decision you’re communicating. This training allows you to get to know and practice best ways of making it right.

What you'll get:

  • Developing the ability to deliver difficult information with empathy
  • Getting to know best practices in delivering bad news
  • Reductions of the level of experienced stress.
  • Liaising with emotions (own and recipients)
  • Flexing to the other side
  • Messages supporting relationship


Early Bird (until 6th of May): 110 GBP

Standard: 153 GBP


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