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Adina Tarry

Adina Tarry

Adina Tarry MSC, MBA, BA 

ADINATARRY® Strategic Management, AI and O/D Consulting 


Adina is an experienced business and management consultant, AI and O/D strategist, business psychologist, award winning professional coach, mentor, visiting lecturer and author. 


In her first intentional business career Adina gained expertise in most aspects of supply chain and manufacturing, from procurement, to distribution, international logistics, manufacturing, project management and quality management, with leading corporations in fast changing innovative organisations such as IBM, Alcatel, Johnson&Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb; working as a manager and subject matter specialist, in delivery of products and services as well as roll out of e-commerce solutions and advanced technologies. She has also worked with SMEs in the fashion industry. 


In her second career she dedicated her focus on developing people, cultures and organisations for a better work experience and effectiveness in business practice and delivery. In recent years Adina has gained additional experience working with start ups and the younger generation of entrepreneurs of the future, as a mentor, coach and consultant. 


Educated internationally, Adina has lived and worked in France, Germany, USA, Australia, Romania and the UK, is multilingual and savvy in cross cultural dynamics. Her work and life experience have naturally led to her integrative polymath mindset and ability to use cross-functional multi-disciplinary sources of knowledge in her work. Adina enjoys change, innovation and thrives on solving problems, in her belief that there are always solutions and ways to do things better, if only we know where to look.  


Her thinking and practice are informed by extensive international business experience, advancements in science and technology, applied business psychology, cross cultural savvy, academic activity and extensive continued personal and professional development.  


Adina’s approach to life and work is integrative, combining strategy and tactics, and drawing from multiple disciplines and functions. All coming together under the principles of dialectic philosophy and complex systems theory, which in her view provide a most helpful and flexible framework that closely reflects the multifold nature of the human condition and the dynamics of our technology driven changing world. 


A member of multiple professional organisations, she also works as a Visiting Lecturer, with MSc international students in European Higher education institutions, is a published author, a frequent guest on live BBC radio and TV programs, and dedicates pro-bono time supporting professionalism and professionalization of business related practices. 


In recent years she has captured the zeitgeist of the new millennium and has published:  


“Coaching with Careers and AI in Mind: Grounding a Hopeful and Resourceful Self fit for a Digital World”    2018 


 “Design Thinking for Smaller Enterprise Development: a SOCIETALbyDesign® Model for Adaptation to a Digital Age”   2019