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Brett Minchington

Brett Minchington

Brett Minchington, Chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International is a widely recognised global authority in employer branding.

Brett’s global footprint has included delivering employer branding masterclass events and keynoting at conferences in more than 45 cities in 25 countries, training thousands of senior leaders including many from the Global 500 companies including Google, Coca-Cola, Chevron and Toyota.

He is the world's most published author in employer branding and his work has been published in more than 100 newspapers, HR, Management and Marketing publications around the world including ‘The Economist’ and ‘Business Week.’

Brett consults to firms on global and national employer brand projects and advises leading employer brand agencies in strategic employer brand consulting. Brett's first book "Your Employer Brand attract-engage-retain" published in 2006 has now been sold in more than 65 countries and his new book "Employer Branding & the new world @ work” published in July 2013 follows on from the global success of his second book, “Employer Brand Leadership – A Global Perspective."

You will leave this masterclass with numerous best practice strategies, tips, templates and case studies which will be able to implement on your return to work and share with your team.

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