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Inner Game: 50 de ani de învățare din experiență

One Different Learning Week to Experience How to Play Your Inner Game

The Inner Game method was created by Tim Gallwey in 1970's and in this special event you will have a great opportunity to keep in touch with the roots of coaching and learning from experiences.
More than 30 speakers and experts in different areas and cultures.

Register from Romania with 20 USD discount with the coupon code: RO1X777

From June 20th - 27th | 11am - 01pm (US Pacific Time)

Keynotes, workshops and panels to engage our global audience. Challenges, self-learning, leadership, time management, focus, team building and innovation. Be part of this unique event. ALL THE SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDE and you can watch in different moments at your home or office.

Special Meetings in Different Languages

Create a special networking with others participants. At the end of this event you will be more connected and we will understand how learning from experiences can help you in your professional area and life.

An unique online event: We want that you feel connected

During this week many activities will occurs in a way that you can understand why companies like Apple, AT&T, Harley Davidson, Coca-Cola, among others used Inner Game as a tool to develop their teams and business.

Tim Gallwey and great names together

Since the launching of The inner Game of Tennis, Tim Gallwey was an inspiration source for professionals in different areas. You will have the chance to be close of this amazing people with many enthusiastic stories.

Book now and save with our Early Bird special

See in our website for all promotions. As a special thank you for all health and care people that saved millions of lives during COVID-19 we have a Special Free Invitation Ticket.


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