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winsedswiss Romania

12-14 Molière St. · 1st District 011964

We are a house of learning that builds the creative professionals of the future.

We model their talent from kindergarten to university and throughout their lives: we discover, assess, develop, and support everyone's unique potential. 

Our learners matter! They write with us the beginning of a great story. Their unique story. And we move them beyond.

Once you become a learner of winsedswiss, your job in the hospitality industry is guaranteed.

  • We will offer you the type of education and training that makes employers bid for you.
  • If you want to learn more, to develop more, you will have priority in accessing further education.
  • If you lose your job, you have a guaranteed place in our courses and our career counsellors will help you find another job.

This is the winsedswiss guarantee, building on the tradition of Swiss quality and long-term commitment.