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Agile Workshop, Interact

Business & Management
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Agile Workshop, Interact
Bucuresti 450 EUR Rezerva
(+taxe, daca nu este specificat altfel)

This course focuses on presenting Agile methodologies to either experienced people in managing projects or newcomers in the area of Agile mentality. Despite Agile originating from the IT industry it can be applied and deliver benefits across all functions and industries as it can revolutionize the way everyday work is done and delivered.

In this course, we will present the Agile alphabet, we will showcase the modern needs and we will investigate the differentiators that force us to change into Agile. Moreover we will discuss more complex and innovative subjects like Design Thinking - an innovative problem solving mentality- together with Agile organizational setup and how to evolve the current hierarchical model.

Finally, within the course, we will do actual work in teams, investigate already available tools and solutions, and do real work to help make your first Agile steps. To make it more exciting you are encouraged to bring your own projects or needs and we will do the actual work on them so you have a real head start once you go back.

The course lasts for 2 days.

The workshop will be delivered in English.

  • Why or who needs Agile?

  • What are the shortcomings of traditional Project Management? Is traditional Project Management what you need nowadays?

  • What is the Agile Manifesto?

  • What are the Principles / Value / History of Agile?

  • Basic Agile methodologies

    • Scrum: Explore cool ideas like daily scrum, sprints, retrospectives, user stories and backlog.

    • Kan Ban: Learn how to visualize the tasks and resource allocation in a glance.

    • Minimum Viable Product: Can you deliver the work in small functional increments?

  • Agile vs. Classical Project Management, is there a winner?

  • Advanced Agile Concepts

    • LESS (Large Scale Scrum): Scrum for multiple projects.

    • Design Thinking: Ideate the Agile way!

    • Agile Organizational Setup: Can you work in Tribes?

    • Agile Tools to help you be agile...

  • Deep dive in real life examples of Agile projects?

  • The benefits from applying Agile management let it be project team, managers or project sponsors?

  • Learning by doing with teamwork and fun exercises

  • Start small but where do I start? Bring your own project onboard and make your life easier...

This course is focusing on people leading or participating in agile projects or agile teams as well as people interested to hear about Agile for the first time and investigate the benefits Agile can bring.

The agile principles can be used in everyday work and can be combined with more classic PM methodology providing even more benefits to Project Managers, project members, managers and organizations.

Data si locatie
Agile Workshop, Interact
Bucuresti 450 EUR Rezerva
(+taxe, daca nu este specificat altfel)