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Blended Facilitator training program


In order to make better use of time and deepen knowledge, we prepare facilitators and moderators in a “blended learning” process within the framework of a special internal training. The method allows us to develop a rather complex skill, the facilitator skills in a short time (3 months) and to support putting it to practice as soon as possible.  

The program basically mixes 3 different types of learning approaches as effectively as possible, thus helping to meet individual learning preferences:

  • Social learning
  • Online video course
  • Online trainings, webinar


The structure and the steps of the training:

  1. Introduction of Blended program and platforms – 1 hour - Teams or Zoom
  2. Personal goals, question techniques – Practify platform – individual and social learning
  3. Question technique and group dynamic – 1-day online training – Teams or Zoom
  4. Group dynamics follow up – Practify platform – individual and social learning
  5. Workshop process design – Practify platform– individual and social learning
  6. Moderation techniques – online video course – individual learning
  7. Moderation technique in online space – 2 hours webinar – Teams or Zoom
  8. Practice of Moderation techniques and process design – 1-day online training – Teams or Zoom
  9. Reflection – Practify platform – individual and social learning
  10. Certificate

The total length of the program is approximately 3 months.


Practify platform is used throughout the whole learning process for follow-up, deepening and tailoring in order to help put in practice what has been learnt as soon as possible. From the extremely user-friendly Practify platform 20-40 minute tasks arrive every 1-2 weeks, which everyone completes at their individually planned time, flexibly tailored to their needs. The learning process is gamified so everyone can monitor their own progress compared to others.  Another great advantage of the tasks is that they help to form a professional community, to start cooperation and common thinking. Individual and group online learning is supported and monitored by a facilitator. More information is available at www.practify.net


Some part of the professional training also takes place at an individual pace on the website https://online.facilitator.hu/  with the help of online video courses and downloadable workbooks. Here you can currently find the Questioning and Moderation Techniques (5 techniques) using a very practical, unique teaching methodology. These videos and workbooks are available to participants for an unlimited period of time, so they can be used for repetition and updating in the future.


In addition, we also hold online trainings, where the emphasis is mainly on the application and implementation of already learned or new knowledge. Here we try to focus on current actualities, and by preparing for these we can help you to successfully implement your next workshop.

Maximum number of attendees: 10 people

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