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Building Coaching Cultures, Colorful Cultures


The vision of a good manager is a winning one if it brings growth to the business. Joel Arthur Baker said that the impact of a top manager’s vision on the business is strong if it becomes sustainable and inspires employees. And these are the two areas where the L&D departments can earn its keep.

This will be possible first if all through aligning the development strategy so that it supports the necessary abilities and second of all by launching formulas or programs that sell the personal benefits to every employee and show the nuance of brand or organization affiliation.

Fundamentally, a coaching culture is an organizational development model that provides the structure that defines how the organization's members can best interact with their working environment and how the best results are obtained and measured. Organizational culture provides the stability and protocol for all interaction within the group. It serves as a mechanism that defines the acceptable parameters of behavior (what we do or say) and constraining activities to those that reinforce the espoused values of the organization.

Introducing coaching competencies into an organization is a very powerful strategy to create an adaptive workplace culture committed to the ongoing process of development and learning. Companies that have developed a coaching culture report significantly reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, greater happiness and satisfaction at work.

Willing to influence your people in a soft way?

What you will get:

  • What are Coaching Cultures?

  • Where from to start building ?

  • Tools for building an effective Coaching Culture

  • Best Practices for Building Coaching Cultures

  • Tools for solving roadblocks through the Change


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Standard: 220 Euro


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