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Cross Cultural Adaptation: Understanding Romanian Culture within a Business Environment

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  • Would you like to get an insight on how your fellow Romanian colleagues perceive trust, accountability and commitment within the team?
  • Is there an explanation or cause at the root of fear of conflict or inattention to results, which eat away at your team’s productivity and stand in the way of the above?

Overview of the workshop

A workshop on the impact of Romanian culture on the business environment, from organization structure, teamwork, contracting, production chain to leadership. You will discuss case studies which you are likely to face in the Romanian business environment. The workshop highlights understanding of differences that lead to an improvement of business in a Romanian environment.

What’s in it for me and my organization?

A problem-solving approach for the cultural differences that a foreign company and/or management will find in a Romanian organization. The participants may find important insights for essential changes in the practices of the organization to increase performance and better adapt the foreign culture of the mother company to the Romanian business environment.

Learning outcomes

  • How national culture impacts working life
  • Use of the five cultural dimensions in defining cultures and understanding differences
  • Share on the foreign management abilities to manage in a Romanian business environment
  • Develop the Romanian management abilities to manage in a multicultural environment. 

Investment: 650 Euro +VAT

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