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Cross Cultural Communication

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Besides distance and language, communicated efficiently across cultures also means adapting your message to a very different audience, many times with very different or even opposed values than you are accustomed to.

This can be difficult and even a daunting task in many organizations, one of the main causes being the assumption that the company’s culture is one no matter the place of the office or the personal preferences of employees. While this may be true up to a level, communication has nuances and characteristics that go beyond the regulated corporate behavior – it is deeply rooted with people.

That is why, getting trained at spotting and using cultural differences in communication becomes one of the top skills of managers and regular employees in international companies.

The training covers all the basic knowledge to be prepared to face cross-cultural environment in a successful manner.

What you’ll get:

  • The main cultural differences in approaching communication
  • How to adapt the same message to 3 main culture zones: Europe, Asia, America
  • Explore the communication obstacles and how to deal with them


  1. The 4 dimensions of the Culture
  2. Communication Challenges in multi-cultural environment
  3. Low Context Communication versus High Context Communication
  4. Strategies to close the gap
  5. Evaluating

a)Learning by doing versus Learning from past experiences

b) Direct versus indirect feedback

  1. Scheduling – linear versus flexible time
  2. Persuading; Principle and application first strategies
  3. Deciding strategies ; Hierarchical, Directive, Consensual and Ultra Consensual Strategies

Didactical concept

  • This seminar will be organized as a workshop where participants will work individually or in teams with the challenges indicated by trainer
  • Cross Cultural inventory, Simulations for individuals and groups followed by debates in plenary sessions and within the teams
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