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We are a training company dedicated to this goal using both proven models and research data while backing it up with solid real-life experience.

Interested in a cultural workshop to expand your new project in India?

Need specific advice on how to recruit for your team in Romania ?

Willing to understand Polish working style?

Preparing a high-stake sales pitch in Italy?

Then we are the team to call!


As the competition on the sales side requires strategy, continuous management from the leader and smarter and faster performance optimization than the rest of the market in order to be able to survive and grow, Achieving the next level for companies depends on both strategist and people oriented skills of the managers.

Visionary strategy authors identified the following scenarios for the industries: Survivor Consolidation, Market Shakeout, Clash of Giants, Generative Bazaar – Nelson and van dem Dam

Whichever scenario finally proves to be true, one thing is certain: The companies that will survive will be driven by leaders, who have the skills, competencies and vision to anticipate and lead through continuous change and ambiguity. This assumption holds true for all managerial layers – from first line to senior management, leaders must be able to forge strategies that always take into account the ever-changing industry trends