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Time Management, Colorful cultures


Nowadays we face time issues more than earlier, as tons of information overwhelm us daily through many channels.

“If you have ever procrastinated and then found yourself energized to complete a task at the last minute, then you have used the beneficial aspect of the fight or flight response (not the procrastinating part, but the energizing part). You see, with all its negative long term effects, the fight or flight response still gives us energy, and if we know how to use that energy, then stress is potentially good, at least in the short term.”

Today’s work environment is characterized by a rising workloads, increasingly varied tasks and conflicting responsibilities. As a result, both managers and individual contributors need to step in from time to time and ask themselves: are there any ways to improve my efficiency? This course sets the ground rules for managing your workload.

Time management is not only about time, it is about the way we reach our goals using the available resources. At work or at home, we need to understand how to balance between important and urgent tasks while keeping an eye on the desired result. It is so easy to get caught in the everyday buzz that sometimes we forget about the important results we were aiming at. This training course will help you stay on track, use you time well and deal with conflicting responsibilities.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze and review a list of work responsibilities
  • Rate each responsibility based on its organizational contribution
  • Rank responsibilities in order of priority
  • Deal with the unexpected
  • Handle competing priorities
  • Make sound decisions about managing thier overall job
  • Eliminate time-waisters
  • Learn time management techniques suitable for fixing innapropiate behaviors


The seminar includes different adult learning techniques: movies, connections exercises, group discussion, inventories, presentation, practice exercises

Early Bird: 82 GBP

Standard: 121 GBP

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