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Decision Making in Multicultural Environment, Colorful Cultures


Having wondered why your decisions are not agreed by your partners’ located miles away from your office?

Getting mad that managers just don’t agree on a solution until too late?

Making a sound business decision requires both analytical skills and the power to persuade others to follow it. However, we all know people have different objectives, interest, thinking patterns or methods they use to evaluate a decision which make things even more complicated.

Most of the training on decision making techniques go deep on a rational way of considering all the facts before taking action. This is good but it rarely works in reality especially when making decisions in a multicultural team.

In Japan you have a specific method to agree on decisions, in US you have a completely different style while in India making decision us more up the title you have. And the list goes on. How do you navigate this?

Out Decision Making training focuses on the main gaps managers and team-members have to cross when working in multi-cultural teams.

What you’ll get:

  • A clear view of the main 4 decision making styles across cultures
  • The answer to how you present a decision to be easily accepted
  • How to engage people in specific culture in an effective decision analysis


  • What is Decision Making
  • Decisions across Cultures
  • Measuring tools for Making Decisions
  • Estimation tools for Making Decisions
  • Other tools for Making Decisions
  • Communication of the already Made Decision

Didactical concept

  • This seminar will be organized as a workshop where participants will work in teams for the challenges indicated by trainer
  • Simulations for individuals and groups followed by debates in plenary sessions and within the teams
  • Participants will form cross functional teams to analyze, debate a chosen receipt, use the tools and share results.


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