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25 Sep 2018 - 26 Sep 2018
Managing The Relationship Praga Rezerva

Assessment: Performance Map

This key account management training program gives you the unique opportunity to self-assess your current KAM capability, and to receive personalised feedback on where your priorities for improvement should lie. Using our Performance Map© tool, you will complete a self assessment questionnaire before attending the workshop, and receive by return a personalised ‘Map’ showing your strengths, weaknesses, and critical focus areas.


  • No measures for profitability
  • Short Termism from the top
  • Sizeism – ‘big’ doesn’t mean ‘key’
  • Resistance from the sales team
  • A ‘non-streetwise’ support team
  • Too much bureaucracy
  • Too many key accounts
  • Inappropriate ‘Operational Excellence’
  • No plan for servicing the non key account


  • Maximize customer retention
  • Win new accounts against the top competition
  • Secure your customer relationships
  • Understand your customer’s values to achieve profitable Key Supplier Status
  • Develop sustainable and profitable added value propositions
  • Align your whole business behind a key account management strategy

Modulul 1: Securing the Return

  • Develop a robust process for Customer Classification and the identification of true Key Accounts
  • Develop a Customer Distinction strategy designed to match your resources effectively and efficiently to the market opportunities
  • Be able to develop and deliver true, customer focused, value propositions
  • Develop the skills of joint planning – working with the customer  Develop the format for practical KA Plans

Modulul al 2-lea: Managing the Relationship

  • Understand the purpose, benefits, requirements and implications of AM/KAM
  • Assess your current KAM status and identify the most important development needs
  • Be able to manage the customer relationship towards planned goals
  • Be able to identify and influence the customer’s decision making process
  • Be able to plan and implement a cross-functional contact strategy
  • Develop responses and plans designed to achieve Key Supplier Status


Pentru informatii si inscrieri:

Clementina Anghelache
[email protected]
0770 414 202


25 Sep 2018 - 26 Sep 2018
Managing The Relationship Praga Rezerva

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Pentru informatii si inscrieri:

Clementina Anghelache
[email protected]
0770 414 202

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