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Presentation Skills in Multicultural Environment


We are literally overloaded with advices and methods of making great presentations. Helpful tips & tricks, flamboyant methods using acting techniques or serious business presentation workshops are great for achieving your presentation objectives.

We don’t want to add another method but address the hidden question: are people around the globe the same when it comes to making great presentations?

Are there differences between the Asian audience and an American one? Do French people evaluate the effectiveness of a presentation exactly the same as Russian ones?

The experience shows there are differences to take into account when delivering the same message to different cultures. Our workshop builds on your already acquired experiences and skills to take you to the next level of having an impact.

What you’ll get:

  • How to engage audience from different cultures
  • What to keep and what to delete when sending a message to a regional or multinational audience
  • Be flexible to switch from a direct speech to a hidden indirect message

Didactical concept

  • This seminar will be organized as a workshop where participants will build their presentation following the structure, design and tips delivered by the trainer
  • Mutual feedback in plenary sessions, recording the performance
  • Presentation to be designed and rehearsed for real business purposes
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