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Finance for Non Finance Managers (in english)


The objectives of the course are to raise the level of financial awareness of participants and enable them to use the information provided to make better, strategic, short-term or long-term decisions in managing their businesses. 

The course is designed as a workshop where participants will receive basic financial principles and they will cover generic financial management tools necessary for decision making. 

Directors, managers or anyone who uses financial information in the course of their work can take part at this course. Prior knowledge of accounting/finance is not required. 

Learning is achieved via practical examples which reinforce the theory; case studies and short exercises.
Content highlights:

  1. Introduction on the Importance of Financial analysis
  2. Financial analysis on: balance sheet, Income statement, cash flow. Understanding and calculations
  3. Case studies and exercises. It will not be to calculate ratios and use of formulas because is boring and useless as no one going to make any calculation in real life. Instead I will give financial figures from 10 different companies and the name / background / sector and activities of 10 companies to be matched with the balance sheet (I will prepare this exercise to be performed several times with different groups of companies, at least 5 exercises to be worked in groups of 2 or 3 participants). This is not easy but when they manage it they will be able to participate and discuss issues related to balance Financial figures very well. I will avoid the traditional approach of calculations which will be presented only on the theory so to understand the meaning of each ratio.

By the end of the two days participants will be able to calculate and interpret indicators on: liquidity of a company, company's profitability, efficiency of the company and the position of the company. With a raised financial awareness, it will be easy for a participant to better manage businesses’ revenues, costs, profits and cash in the future.

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