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Introduction of Micro constellations in Coaching and Therapy

For  whom?

Coaches, Trainers, Therapists, Consultants

How you benefit from Micro Constellations?

Constellations add another dimension in coaching by introducing the ‘language of space’ into conversations.  By moving in different perspectives we can explore, simulate and experience various options using the perception of our body.

Micro constellations help to get a clearer idea about the picture and possible solutions of your client’s topic, putting the different aspects into the room.

What you will learn:

You will learn, how you let your client

  • physically experience the parts of a solution
  • experience the perspectives of other people
  • develop more options in a decision making process (Tetralemma)
  • get fresh perspectives in conflict situations
  • get more connected with her/ his inner wisdom by literally stepping into it
  • explore new resources and embody them
  • get ideas for several options and the next steps

What you will take away

  • You will have experienced the model and tools in action
  • You will have learned several formats to apply in coaching/ therapy sessions
  • You will develop awareness of the space as an additional recourse in coaching
  • You will have a hand out with the detailed description of the formats
  • You will understand the principles of systemic structured constellations

Based on this you will be able to develop other formats by yourself 

Please bring:

  • Yourself with an open mind and the curiosity to participate and try out


  • Petra Müller-Demary & Rita Klemmayer


350 euro + VAT

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