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Solution Surfers Romania

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SolutionSurfers is an international training organization based in Lucerne, Switzerland, with a network of solution-focused trainers and coaches all over the world.

In the last 14 yearsmore than 4000 coaches from several countries have taken our Brief-Coach Training courses in Switzerland (in English, German, French). Courses are also available in Romania, Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia, South Africa and Singapore.

SolutionSurfers provide Brief Coaching Trainings in different countries and languages all over the world.

The founder of SolutionSurfers Romania is Petra Muller Demary.

SolutionSurfers is active partner in the SOL World Community – The Network of Solution Focused Practitioners in Organisations.

SolutionSurfers Romania hosted in 2010 the SOLWorld Conference in Bucharest and in 2013 the SOL Summer Retreat in Moeciu/Brasov.