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Strategic Thinking, Colorful Cultures


The workshop is designed to meet the great challenges of nowadays industry from the point of view of leaders development. The training solutions described have been designed to upskill participants with the complex abilities and tools while putting their thinking into business perspective, meet and overcome specific or unexpected challenges.


What you’ll get:

  • Structuring your managerial thinking
  • Identifying and act upon business opportunities
  • Strengthen analysis, planning and communication skills in business environment
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Experiment different roles and approaches for achieving lateral perspectives



  • Establishment of strategy
  • Definition of the mission, vision, values and strategy:
  • The important points of the development strategy
  • Tools: Purpose Grid, SWOT, Kasac and Porter Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis and Congruence Model , Pert Model


Didactical concept

  • This seminar will be organized as a workshop where participants will be involved and will result a common action plan
  • Debates in plenary sessions and the team, recording the findings
  • Making conclusions agreed in action plans which will include tools and objectives
  • Participants will form cross functional teams to implement a chosen project until the next module, where they will present results.


Audience: entrepreneurs, managers

Competences: Business Analysis, Business Strategy, Decision Making, Business Planning


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