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Virtual Meeting Facilitation - Meet-up Webinar!

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Nowadays the virtual space has become part of our professional life. The growing list of digital platforms, the expansion of the opportunities they offer, can bring a real solution for conscious organizations, if they are aware of the need to train their employees who are using virtual platforms in their daily activity more and more.  

It all starts with selecting the right technology, where you will be provided maybe with a user manual, maybe quick-start information, and then comes the deep waters. The result: frustrations, scolding the platform, a series of follow-up personal meetings.

The training we have put together will provide you with a lot of practice, learning from each other, getting to know different tools to strengthen involvement and commitment, to increase interactivity in the virtual space. Everything that is essential to truly be effective in an online meeting.


This training program is designed to:

  • provide knowledge, practice, experience in order to maximize the effectiveness of virtual meetings and workshops;
  • help you to navigate easily the available virtual platforms;
  • teach proper involvement, engagement and management of virtual platforms and virtual participants;
  • outline what and how the virtual space is suitable for conducting meetings and workshops;
  • ensure mutual learning for participants.


To whom we recommend it:

  • Project managers, executives, specialist who are working with teams remotely on virtual platforms, who work in multinational or multi-site organizations;
  • Home-office and remote-office workers who participate in virtual meetings
  • Organizations that want to optimize their costs, time and resources, and intend to improve the efficiency of virtual meetings, and who would like to encourage self-management among teleworkers
  • Those who want to get objective feedbacks on the effectiveness of their virtual meetings


If you wish to get an introspection of the atmosphere of the training, to learn about its process and to get to know the trainers, let’s meet-up on 7th May at 1 p.m. till 2 p.m. Romania time to our free webinar.




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