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Alexandru Mocioi

Trainer Alexandru Mocioi

Software Engineer / Senior Java Trainer

  • 7 years of software development experience for medium and large scale projects, both governmental and private companies;
  • 5 years of Java Core Enterprise and NoSQL experience, 7 years of Javascript and SQL experience, 4 years of Golang experience;
  • 4 years of Corporate Training experience,
  • Delivered courses like Java Fundamentals, Java Web Enterprise, Advanced Java Training, Java Performance, Java Design Patterns and Architecture, Java Enterprise with Spring and Hibernate.
  • Public speaker for Open Source communities;
  • Attended soft skills training: Train the Trainer, Public speaking and communication, Learning methodologies, Agile with Scrum


Java Core:

  • Java ecosystem specifics
  • Java language specifics and data types
  • OOP principles
  • Modifiers
  • Advanced OOP: abstraction
  • Java Collection Framework
  • Errors and Exceptions
  • Java IO, NIO, Streams
  • Threads and synchronization
  • Serialization
  • JDBC

Java Enterprise:

  • Servlet (HTTP api), JSP, JSTL
  • Session management: session API, Cookies
  • Web Server, Tomcat, DataSource
  • Enterprise Archictecture


  • HTML, JS
  • JQuery, Ajax, Underscore.js
  • HTML5 js apis

Enterprise Frameworks:

  • Spring MVC Spring Core(IoC container)

Backend (data access):

  • ORM,
  • JPA,
  • Hibernate,
  • Transactions (ACID)
  • Spring Transactions API

Java Advanced:

  • Algorithms,
  • Performance,
  • Memory Model,
  • GC,
  • JIT,
  • Aspect Oriented Programming,
  • Design Patters,
  • Multi-threading concerns,
  • Distributed systems: JMS, Hazelcast, Gearman

Java 8 core

  • Big Data