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Curs MOC 20480 - Programming in HTML5 with javascript and CSS3

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Programa analitica:

  • Module 1: Overview of HTML and CSS
  • Module 2: Creating and Styling HTML5 Pages
  • Module 3: Introduction to javascript
  • Module 4: Creating Forms to Collect Data and Validate User Input
  • Module 5: Communicating with a Remote Data Source
  • Module 6: Styling HTML5 by Using CSS3
  • Module 7: Creating Objects and Methods by Using javascript
  • Module 8: Creating Interactive Pages using HTML5 APIs
  • Module 9: Adding Offline Support to Web Applications
  • Module 10: Implementing an Adaptive User Interface
  • Module 11: Creating Advanced Graphics
  • Module 12: Animating the User Interface
  • Module 13: Implementing Real-Time Communications by Using Web Sockets
  • Module 14: Creating a Web Worker Process

Pretul include: suportul de curs oficial Microsoft in format electronic, masa de pranz la restaurant, coffee breaks si diploma Microsoft recunoscuta international.

Examen: 70-480

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