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Corporate managers decide the objectives and how they will be realized, in cycles. Each time however they will need support – people who know how to deliver things fast and efficient and are able to act in a unitary, programmed, transparent and enthusiastic way. Well this requires investment in development.

According to McCall, Eichinger and Lombardo training is not a universal remedy, a magic bullet that opens the door to every client, the gates of every application and the minds of every participant. The value of traditional development methods is amplified by the path, by the support of specialists, the manager and colleagues expressed in various way and also requiring a lot of practice.

All these aspects represent an opportunity for Learning & Development departments. Now is the time to prove their expertise in building development programs that are bold, tailored to specific needs and contain new models.

Join us and learn:

  • What are Best Practice Platforms?
  • How to sell internally such an initiative?
  • How to design an impactful Best Practice Platform?


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