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Brain-pleasing Marketing Workshop

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The aim of this immersion

I confess: things worked out quite well with the ‘marketing mix’, an approach disseminated by McCarthy in the 60s. However, today’s customers are quite different from the former East German customers. Today competitors copy each other in a matter of days. Moreover, we have science to run businesses better. Yes, that’s true: science in business management!

And I’m not just talking about marketing research which detects how the body reacts to new ads or packaging (this type of studies are generally called ‘neuromarketing’). When talking about science,
I refer to neuroscience that provides managers with a sound base to devise products, services, brands and customer experiences in a way that they please the customer’s brain.

It can be called ‘brain-pleasing marketing’! It is what top managers should use in order to make their customers feel a positive sentiment towards their brand and what they sell. It is what this 2-day intense workshop is about.

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