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Conflict Management, Colorful Cultures

Business & Management
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“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

Conflicts and difficult moments may occur between people and groups having different needs, ideas, believes or objectives. Conflict are inevitable within a team;

Even so the final result is not predictable. Differences may transform or became personal and destructive, determine unproductive results. Sometime differences can have a solution or stimulate the competition influencing a high level of quality.

Learning different but appropriate methods to manage conflicts is high performance.

What you will get:

  • Understand reasons for conflicts in the workplace.
  • Describe how to change your perspective of conflict.
  • Identify the three most common workplace conflict situations.
  • Identify different ways people deal with conflict.
  • Describe the ‘Everybody Wins’ approach in a conflict situation

Didactical Concept:

  • This seminar will be organized as an workshop where participants will practice the learned skills, work on case studies, identify patterns and turn conflict into collaboration.


  • Defining Conflict
  • Conflict shades
  • Behaviors in Conflict situations
  • Tools for Preventing Conflicts
  • Tools for turning Conflict into Collaboration
  • Strategies for Conflict mediations


Early Bird (until 6th of May): 88 GBP

Standard: 132 GBP


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