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[Online] Managing Virtual Meetings, Colorful Cultures

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With travel bans widening and face-to-face no longer an option, we are ready to support you to manage remotely a local or a distributed team.


Chairing the meeting is a leadership role. For being ready and able to stand up and kick off the meeting without sounding nervous or uncomfortable it would be wise to master several abilities; Your skill of to communicate early in the meeting sets the tone of the meeting. Chairing a meeting effectively takes time to develop and requires practice.

As you will not be able to see participants, managing the interaction and dealing with different behaviors will be a challenge no mearror the purpose: status, planning, problem solving or decision making.

This session teaches how to effectively chair a meeting. The first part, will teach how to start your meeting on the right foot. Next, we will discuss the role of the agenda and roles for properly influence the interaction and finally, we will discuss how to use the parking lot. All these techniques are designed to make you a more effective chairperson. In fact, you will get an opportunity to practice commencing a meeting in a virtual environment. Do not worry. This is a safe learning environment where you will not be forced to do something you are not comfortable doing. However, remember to use your action plan if you need more practice chairing a meeting. Let us start this module from the top, which is getting off on the right foot.


Early Bird (until 27th of April): 89 GBP

Standard: 131 GBP

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