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Stress Management, Colorful Cultures

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"We were happy and we didn't know it!" This title of "El Pais" jounal reveals the new context we were thown.

"No need to identify events, contexts or behaviors that generate stress or burnout. It use to be simple. Now is not any more. Since last month the context got changed. Now we can easily identify, perceive, understand the exact causes of stress, as our lifestyle, our habits or our way of thinking might increase the stress level.

The Stress Management training program, based on its tools: the manual and the stress management questionnaires will help you understand how behavioral preferences can sometimes make you control efficiently a stressful situation, while in other occasions it may lead to inappropriate behaviors, preconceived ideas or to generating negative stress.

The survey results identify and quantify attitudes and personal orientations is what stress management is concerned, comparing them to the four behavioral types.

It will help you see behavioral pattern you might fit in and comparing with others you will understand the why of reactions, stress or burnout.


What you will get:

  • Benefit of the reccomendations of an expert: Florian Koleci
  • Differentiate positive and negative stress
  • Use tools and techniques to manage stressful situations and the new context
  • Assess behavioral reactions and find ways to balance,
  • Relate with stressful people

Didactical Concept:

This seminar includes different adult learning techniques: inventories, presentation, connections exercises, group discussion, etc

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