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Performance Prediction in Recruitment, Colorful Cultures

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As the labor market becomes increasingly competitive for talented professionals in Romania, you need, as recruiter, to maintain your predictability in achieving results.

Regardless of the industry specifics, seasons, pool of candidates, cultural barriers, normal and difficult profiles will put on risk recruiting processes. How to deal with such challenges? How to make sure you received a solid behavioral or motivation prove, during your interview and not a fake one?

As managers, if being influenced by the market dynamics and operational pressure, you might feel the need of transforming your researchers into head-hunters starting tomorrow, filling empty key roles and smarter and faster replacement of the associates. As volume Recruitment KPIs are mandatory for all of the HR departments, achieving those KPIs might disturb the quality of your pipeline and short-listed candidates.

  • How effective is the existing recruitment process? What are your solutions for such challenges?
  • How to avoid new-comers attrition?
  • How to prevent fraud? How to prevent group polarization or delinquent patterns when recruiting?
  • What is your Performance Prediction in Recruitment?

If having such challenges you are invited to join our workshop.

What you’ll get:

  • Structuring your interviewing approach
  • Effective interviewing techniques for measuring past and existing behaviors
  • Tools for achieving higher predictability in recruitment processes
  • Tools for assessing delinquent patterns
  • Building modal profiles
  • Making the right selection decision


Data si locatie
Cere program personalizat: