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Phone Interview and Dealing with “No” - Colorful Cultures

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The competition on a limited pool of candidates in Romania requires head hunting key roles and smarter and faster replacement of the people, for the role to be colored, performed right away.

Regardless of the industry specifics, local crises, pool of candidates, cultural barriers, normal and difficult profiles will put on risk your recruiting process. If you are not effective, how come your competition is hiring from the same pool? What is your competition secret?

Maybe ss time to either revisit your process filters, either your skills .

Let’s start with your influence zone, your skills

What you’ll get:

  • Prepare effectively for a phone interview
  • Evaluate candidates’ funnel and choose the right approach
  • Frame appropriate questions and use effective interviewing techniques
  • Obtain candidate interest and relevant information about him/her
  • Evaluate the received answers
  • Deal with concerns, understand candidates’ concern type
  • Turn the “No” into a “Yes, I am interested”
  • Treat each concern during the phone interview,
  • Objectively assess an applicants’ suitability for any position
  • Sell the meeting
  • Sell the job to the candidate and the candidate to your internal clients
  • Hire the right people for the right job


  • Basic Communication Skills for Phone Interview
  • Steps of Phone Interview
  • Dealing with normal candidates
  • Dealing with difficult candidates
  • Solving their Objections:
  • Using Influence Techniques
  • Closing Skills suitable for Recruitment processes
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