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Problem Solving & Decision Making - Colorful Cultures

Business & Management
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Problem Solving & Decision Making - Colorful Cultures

Making a sound business decision requires both analytical skills and the power to persuade others to follow it. However, we all know people have different objectives, interest, thinking patterns or methods they use to evaluate a decision which make things even more complicated. A process would help.


Problem Solving and Decision Making is one of those processes that just cannot be forced. The harder you try, the poorer your skills become.

Always remember the more stressed you become and the more time pressure you feel, the worse you are at solving problems creatively. But in today’s workplace, those who can generate the most effective ideas are often the best rewarded; so how can you improve your problem solving skills without getting stressed about it?

For business purposes you might need the out-of-box approaches from time to time; especially when creating the market strategy, products,  trends setting, improving processes or changing vision.

Problem Solving is a way of thinking and behaving. It is for an idea that has an element of newness or uniqueness, at least to the one who creates the solutions , and also makes decision based on value and relevancy.

What you’ll get:

  • A clear view of Problem Solving process
  • The answer to how you present a decision to be easily accepted
  • How to engage people in making the right corporate decisions


  • Decision Making is a Problem Solving step and not vice versa
  • Problem Definition
  • Problem Solving Steps
  • Measuring tools for Making Decisions
  • Estimation tools for Making Decisions
  • Other tools for Making Decisions
  • Communication of the already Made Decision
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