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Result driven Questions - the driving force of Facilitation, Wwieland

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"Have you ever experienced how powerful a well-formulated question can be? Asking seems easy, but anyone who works with teams knows well that it is more of an art. As a moderator we need to be aware of the outcome and create a chain of questions which will lead us towards goals. Questions are the “skeleton" of the process. Join and learn how to design the right questions which will deliver expected results." 


Cui se adreseaza acest workshop:
facilitators, moderators, agile coaches, scrum masters, meeting leaders and for those who are working with teams and would like to master their questioning skills.


De ce merită să participi la acest workshop:

  • You can learn a concrete and effective question technique for workshops, meetings.
  • Will be aware of dimensions of potential results and gain a collection of tangible and non-tangible outputs.
  • You will practice formulating chain of question what will lead the process and participants to the expected outcome.


ProgramMiercuri 17.03.2021 ora 18:00 - 20:15

Platforma de desfasurare a workshopului: Zoom

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