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Trends in virtual adult education

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Do you know what adult education professionals and trainers consider to be the biggest challenge? If you may not know the results of the survey, feel free to guess!

  • is it the lack of financial resources?
  • or getting to know new technologies?
  • lack of resources or
  • maybe the lack of management commitment?

Undoubtedly, at first we would have guessed the financial and resource deficiencies, and even more so the difficulties in leadership commitment.  Yet perhaps not surprisingly, most people indicated learning, selection, and adaptation of new training technologies in the ATD 2019 survey. That is why we have decided that it is worth presenting modern student habits and challenges in more detail.   

We invite you to an interactive webinar where we will show you what the trends are in online education around the world.

In addition, you’ll get a mind map where we’ve summarized and organized the online educational approaches.  

Who is this course for?

  • for practicing trainers, tutors who are interested in online training and education. 
  • who want to gain insight into online education trends and approaches.

Why should I buy it?

After the webinar, the participants can identify the currently known methods that can be applied in the virtual space, and at the same time outline the forward-looking directions and trends in the field of online education.

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